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Welcome to Greater Philly Water Polo!

We offer water polo for individuals 18 years of age and older, with practices and games at the Villanova Pool in Villanova, PA.

New to Water Polo?
Water Polo is an Olympic Sport. Two teams try to score goals in a net 1 meter by 3 meters. Games last about an hour and they are full of swimming, throwing, wrestling, and scoring goals. Our game is a combination of basketball, swimming, and soccer.

I play water polo already. What should I expect?
For most of the year, Thursdays is simply a scrimmage night where players are divided into teams and we play throughout the evening. During the summer we run a practice with a little drilling, but mostly scrimmaging and usually go twice per week. See the practice page. The summer program has polo for all levels.

I play, but I'm still learning.
That's great. Come to our practices. We have individuals that have never played before as well as those with experience. You do need to be a competent swimmer and able to tread water.

Should I just come by?
Yes. There is no charge for your first practice. You're invited to show up and see what we're about.

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