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Season Updates

The final week of the summer season will be held at the Haverford School, 450 Lancaster Ave, Haverford, PA

Monday July 24 Open scrimmage 7-9

Wednesday July 26 Final League night 7-9

Fall season will begin in September at Villanova University, Thursday evenings.

Summer Schedule
As the Eastern Water Polo League has become smaller and the teams more competitive, it provides little parity for many of our members to play games. This year's lineup includes Northern Virginia, Kingfish Vets, Greenwich Masters and the HAWCS. There may be one additional team from Arlington as well. However, for our "B" team players, it would not be an enjoyable experience playing against these opponents. Therefore, we have decided to expand upon what we experimented with last summer.

We are going to divide our club into three or four equal teams. We are hoping to get enough players to field at least six on six. The teams will be set by the beginning of the season and only one roster adjustment may be made (by our office) in July, depending upon attendance. Each team will play 1-2 games on Tuesday nights and standings will be kept throughout the season. The winning team will receive free sport bags.

This will meet two important needs for our club. First, it will give some meaning to the open scrimmages. Second, it will provide an avenue for our less experienced athletes to compete against similar competition.

Eastern Water Polo League
This year the Eastern Water Polo League will only take place on one weekend due to team availability. The date is July 8-9 and we will still enter a team comprised of experienced athletes interested in competing.

All participants must register annually with American Water Polo (insurance) and pay a seasonal club fee for Greater Philadelphia:

More info: Practice & Pricing Page.

Greater Philadelphia
Greater Philadelphia
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